Boise, Idaho

Boise, the capitol of Idaho and its largest city, stands on the Boise River at the extreme upper end of the Boise Valley. It is primarily a city of trees and homes and enviable climate. Protected by great mountains on the north and lying in a belt of prevailing westerly winds, it and its valley are never outraged by the cold blizzards that sweep down from Canada and paralyze eastern Idaho and the states beyond.

- Idaho: A Guide in Word and Pictures (1937)


1. Capitol Blvd. at Night 2. Greetings From Boise, Idaho 3. Main Street 4. Tenth Street Looking North 5. View of Business District 6. Federal Building 7. Union Pacific Depot 8. Capitol Blvd. 9. Idaho State Capitol

Day two of (Postcard) American Guide Week spotlights the Capitol of Idaho and the place I was born and raised.

At the time the Idaho: A Guide in Word and Pictures (1937) was published there were 21,544 people living in Boise.  As of the 2010 census Boise’s population was 205,671, so nearly ten times what it was 75 years ago. Even with the influx of people it’s still a beautiful place with plenty of open space, outdoor activities and scenic beauty.

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